Friday, October 29, 2010

We can’t rely on Lloyd Rogers

Round two of the Anti-Lloyd Rogers ads. This one appeared in The Alexandria Recorder on October 28, 2010.



  1. hahahahahaha...Lloyd Rogers has always been a no good, low life, scumbag. "It's about time to flush the waste" of this piece of shit human being.

  2. D (or should we say xxxxxxx) that is a bit over the top. The ad says enough and the city is reminded how bad this guy is. Don't fall to his level.

  3. Lloyd said all of this was made up and all of it was lies. He said they purposely left off the accomplishments as judge. Really Lloyd?! You mean your opponents would not publish the good things you done? Big cry baby.

  4. Lloyd lost it long time ago. He showed his decline by the attack on Kevin Sell. Lost our votes.

  5. It is Halloween. This is the only time this man should be allowed out. Steven King could not write fiction to make up Lloyd.

  6. Freddy Cruger with glasses.

  7. More like a character out of Jersey Girls.

  8. I hope history is repeated! Vote rogers off of council just like the county did after one term as judge. No one needs his attacks and our city deserves so much better.

  9. I wish to acknowledge the several and I mean several thank you's received for publishing this ad. It is sad that such specific marketing has to be produced but when someone literally with intent and purpose lie about so many things, one has no choice but to point out the real issue and problem.

    As for Mr. Rogers claims. No, they are simply not true and it never happened. I am convinced he repeats this stuff so much he actually comes to believe it himself. I would not bother or waste time with his silly home made signs unless such appeared on property I own and I know that is not the case. In spite of his attempts to prove and his inquiries with the police, no I never and would never take funds from any youth program. If it is his contention I did, I publically challenge him to prove such or contact the prosecutor's office. Shame on him for even making that kind of crap up. But, that is exactly how and what he is all about.

    This person with another term on council would be a disaster for the City of Alexandria. Everyone who remotely offends his fragile ego incurs his wrath. Case in point: his over the top, vile, ridiculous attacks on Kevin Sell - even stating to Mr. Sell "I guess you never plan to run for anything again in this county". Who does this Mr. Rogers think he is?

    The answer is easy. He is a bully, a punk and a threat to most good intentioned and well meaning people who volunteer their time to their community. As with all punks, they don't stop until they are slapped back. Lloyd, you deserve this public slap in the face. It is time for you to shut up. It is time for you to decide if your reputation as it stands will continue to be one of horrible actions or change to someone who actually wishes to improve our community.

    To all of the residents of our community. The facts speak for themselves. Mr. Rogers does NOT deserve another term. Mr. Rogers and his horrible power grab, the Justice of the Peace Proposal does not deserve consideration. Vote no to both opportunities. Our community will be well served by it!

    Thank you!

  10. Combs will never forget that Rogers slapped down his 8.4% tax increase when he was on the school board. Combs said they needed the money for a new school...lied again...they built the school and had the money all along. Combs says Rogers attacks people...did Rogers ever put out a 3/4 page smear ad in the newspaper against
    Combs got defeated by Painter and Rogers ran Painter's campaign so Combs went beserk. He brings lies from the past. All things put in the newspaper are not accurate, if you believe they are then you don't live in reality. Why did Combs not run for the school board again?
    People watched his stupid attacks on other people and told Combs to forget getting elected again.
    Relatives of Combs have said that Combs has trouble with some of his kin folk.
    Some people are born negative and never change.